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Fertilizer and Soil of Bonsai


Bonsai Soil

There are many discussions about the type of soil to use for bonsai. While some enthusiasts avoid soil altogether, other enthusiasts embrace the convenience of potting soil. When determining the type of soil to use for your bonsai, you should consider the needs of your bonsai species, as well as your bonsai experience level.


  1. For successful growth, your bonsai tree will require several things from its soil. The soil, regardless of its type, should promote water retention, drainage and aeration. In other words, it should be able to hold just enough water for the roots while releasing the excess water and allowing the air to flow through.

Soil Mixtures

  1. Your selected soil mixture should complement the needs of the tree. Bonsai soil mixtures are meant to mirror the soils of the tree's natural environment. These soils can be purchased or made at home. Common bonsai mixtures often include balanced amounts of organic matter (i.e. pine bark), peat moss, sand and aggregates, such as stones and rocks. Beginner enthusiasts benefit from basic combinations that include equal amounts of nutrient-rich potting soil, clean sand and aggregates.


  1. A healthy bonsai requires a balanced soil mixture, as well as a good maintenance regime. The quality of the soil is only as good as the care that comes along with it. Your bonsai should be irrigated and fertilized according to its individual needs. 



Bonsai Fertilizing:

There are four seasons preferable to put fertilizer on the Bonsai pot:

  • Summer season.
  • After rainy season.
  • Autumn season.
  • Spring.



Perfect timing for fertilizing of three types of fertilizers:



Liquid fertilizer

Solid fertilizer

Spry fertilizer

16th September to 15th October

per 15 days


one time


16th October to 30th November

Per 7 days

one time in the last

one time

1st December to 15th February

Per 15 days



16th February to 30th April

Per 7 days

one time in the last

two times

1st May to 30th June

Per 15days

one time at the first

two times